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• 11/16/2013
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• 9/27/2013

The Search for the Admins

The Search

You must have at least 50 to 100 edits on THIS wiki. Edits less than 50 are not acceptable and you will not be able to be admin. Also, you must be on the wiki at least everyday. You must be on the wiki for 5-7 days every week no less. To know that you are on the wiki, you must perform activity on the wiki such as a blog post, forum post, comment, or make or edit a page. Don't be negative or inappropriate with others. Some of the people that visit this wiki are young kids. Please be nice to others and do not do anything you were not told that effects the wiki a lot or something the founder doesn't appreciate. Follow guidelines at ALL times.

Not Everything About Admin Isn't Fun
You must think that "Oh, I didn't know that being admin is that boring here." You get to see the wiki in another way. You get to do more things than what others do. It's like you're in a whole new world. So stop being picky!

When Will It End?
The Search will end November 2nd and the choosing will take about 1-2 days. Only five will become admins so keep your fingers crossed if you want to be an admin! But I'm so happy!
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• 8/29/2013

The Next Generation

Today, it's the time I have to get new admins. It's been great having you all and I'll never forget you. We are now finished with our first generation, and now we're on to the next generation. You guys were hardworking and supportive and I wouldn't do it without you all. :)
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• 8/26/2013

3 More Days

Well, guys. It's time. We're closing to letting go of each other. We had some great times and moments. I would like all admins to edit a bit more pages and I want you to share a good moment you had as an admin here in the comments. It's sad to let go of you guys but well, it has to happen.
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• 8/5/2013

We Have A Blogspot Page!

So it says in the title, we have a Blogspot page! We can have private discussions and have fun on the blogspot page! Submit posts and other stuff! If you wanna be an admin on this blogspot page, click here. If you wanna check out the Blogspot page, click here.
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• 7/29/2013

Taking the New and Letting Go the Old

Well you all have been with us for a very long time but now I don't want to, but I have to let you all go. In exactly one month I'll have to pick new admins and let you all go. But there is no activity one of our admins is not on daily, I had to let one admin go because they weren't on for a period of time. And one admin wants to leave. So apparently, all admins are technically gone. So, starting next month, I'll be picking out other admins and well, I'll have to let you all go! I'm very sorry.
Your founder,
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• 7/26/2013

Important Announcement (Please Read)

I would like all admins on the wiki tomorrow. I have barely saw any activity and now I need you to edit and be back again. Admins that do not go on tomorrow and edit will not be admin for good.
Your founder,
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• 7/23/2013

It's A Boy!

Even thought this is completely off-topic, does it matter! Duchess Catherine and Prince William  have had their son third in line to be king and a prince. The no name prince was born July 22, 2013 at St. Mary's Hospital in London. Everybody is happy and grateful for Kate and William. Aren't you?

The prince shares his birthday with two stars: Selena Gomez and Keegan Allen.
There is another St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. That's where Bella8991 (I) was born!
The baby and Princess Diana share the same birth month.
UPDATE: The baby's name is George Alexander Louis. Too many George's.

Your founder,
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• 7/23/2013

G.T.M.U. Contest!

We are having our 2nd contest! The G.T.M.U. Contest! G.T.M.U. stands for Get The Most Users. Well, it says it in the title. So, the admin that gets the most users will be a featured user for a week. The contest will end in four days which means July 26th. So wrangle up all those users! Bye!
Your founder,
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• 7/19/2013


Attention all admins! You are all invited to become an admin on my sister's wiki Mamuel Wiki! If you want to be one, all you have to do is reply! Much help is appreciated!
Also to be an admin on the Mamuel Wiki you must got to my message wall on there or the actual founder MamuelRoriTessie and ask politely.
I hope we can all be admins!
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• 7/8/2013

Austin & Ally Wiki Awards

Everyone!!!!! Vote for Austinandallycupcake38795, Ausllygator, and me for the awards! You'll find us in one or some of the categories in User Division. Please vote for one of us! Remember you can only vote for one in each category!
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• 7/1/2013

You Can Sponsor

Hola Admins. So, on the Home Page it shows that I now accept sponsoring wikis. So, you admins can request sponsoring too! So, the photo must be a 285x177 size. Like this size.

I'm using Austinandallycupcake38795's wiki as a reference and a poster I made.
So, send in your wikis and let's see if I'll approve them! Thanks! Bye!
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• 7/1/2013

The Winner of the Admin Poster Contest!

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday guys. My mom forced me to go to to the mall and I was there all day. And my sister had online classes so she had the use the laptop. But now I'm here and I'll give the announcement!
Now, I'm happy to announce, that the winner of the Admin Poster Contest is...

Everybody please congratulate her!
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• 6/21/2013

Main Page/Header Page

Hey admins. There's this new page that I made called the Main Page/Header page. I used it as a tester for the new heading on our page that we have. I want you to use this page to test the heading out so you can take that code and put in onto the home page so the heading would look different and improved. I would like for you to improve the wiki's design and have users enjoy the site. Leave the code in the place where I circled it. Leave all your color hex codes in the comments if you would like to use them again for other reasons. Have fun on the wiki guys!

Leave the code you edited in the spot I circled.
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• 6/13/2013

We're Having an Admin Party!!!!!

So I asked you guys if you wanted to have a party and you all said yes. So now, I want some ideas of what we can do at the party in the chatroom and what date will we do it. Tell me ALL of your ideas! Get crazy! I want this party to be the best party EVER!! So, leave your ideas and tell me when you want to do the party. I really want it to be a blast so give me good ideas!
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• 6/13/2013

User Rules

Welcome Users! Now, I have rules for my admins and I also have rules for you! Here they are!

1. Do not vandalize or take away necessary information in articles and other things and add unnecessary information.
2. Do not be mean to others!
3. Don't be inappropriate or immature to others or on the wiki.
4. Try to participate in user activities like parties and contests.
5. Edit pages and contribute videos, photos, and pages!
Most importantly...

6. Have fun!
If you fail to follow these rules except rules 4 and 6, you will be banned from one day to forever. Anyways, I'll see you guys around! Bye!
Your founder,
=This is now not the official rules page. For the official rules page, click here.=
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• 6/10/2013

Austin & Jessie & Ally Wiki Admin Poster Contest!!!

One of our admins, Austinandallycupcake38795 gave me a great idea in making a contest for the best admin poster for our Admin page! Post your poster onto the Photos page. The contest ends June 28th! The winner gets to be a chat moderator and their poster gets to be on our admin page and it gets to be on the home page also! Good luck to all! Here's an example that I made below:

Example of an admin poster *Remember to put your name in fine print on your poster.
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• 6/7/2013

Not So Strict

To all admins, I'm not giving you demerits just yet because you're pretty new to the wiki. I'll start giving demerits on June 29th so you must remember to now be on the wiki EVERYDAY and if you couldn't, you MUST give me a reason. If you don't, you will receive a demerit. For more information, check out the Admin Activation Remember to follow all this information on June 29th or you'll lose your role as admin.
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• 6/2/2013

Welcome to the Wiki Admins!

Welcome to the wiki Dechel-Auslly-Flyna, AusllyCupcake and Austinandallycupcake38795! Let's all give a warm welcome to our admins!
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• 6/1/2013

Admin Information

Hello everyone! I am now promoting others for being admins on this wiki and you must know the information about being admin.
If I want you to be admin, you MUST follow these rules:
>Be on the wiki EVERYDAY and edit and contribute to the wiki
>When admins enter the wiki, they must go to my account and go to the blog "Admin Activation" or click on the title and enter their username so I know that you entered the wiki and are going to edit and contribute
>Be nice to EVERYONE and help them out
>Have Fun!
For those that fail to follow one, two, or all of these rules will receive a demerit. If you get three demerits, you'll lose you role as admin.
Thank you for reading and understanding, and have fun on the wiki!
Your founder,
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