User Rules

Welcome Users! Now, I have rules for my admins and I also have rules for you! Here they are!

  • 1. Do not vandalize or take away necessary information in articles and other things and add unnecessary information.
  • 2. Do not be mean to others!
  • 3. Don't be inappropriate or immature to others or on the wiki.
  • 4. Try to participate in user activities like parties and contests.
  • 5. Edit pages and contribute videos, photos, and pages!

Most importantly...

  • 6. Have fun!

If you fail to follow these rules except rules 4 and 6, you will be banned from one day to forever. Anyways, I'll see you guys around! Bye!

Your founder,

Bella8991 =This is now not the official rules page. For the official rules page, click here.=